Laser Processed Black Silicon for Photovoltaic Applications

We present a femtosecond laser pulse process that induces a texture-like surface structure on silicon wafers and optionally incorporates sulfur into the silicon lattice for emitter formation depending on the processing atmosphere. Such laser processed Black Silicon provides an easily adjustable surface roughness for good light trapping in silicon solar cells. The structure is independent of the silicon crystal orientation and is easily applied on one wafer side only. A sulfur emitter can be formed within the laser structuring process, and allows electric current extraction from a solar cell structure manufactured from this material. Then the advantage is that no further emitter formation step like diffusion is necessary compared to other Black Silicon solar cell approaches, where the Black silicon is created wet chemically. By incorporating sulfur in the silicon crystal lattice, we can show that this Black Silicon absorbs in the infrared wavelength regime. This characteristic can potentially be used to better exploit the energy in the sun spectrum. We manufacture a laser processed Black Silicon solar cell prototype without any emitter diffusion step and achieve the highest efficiency of 4.5 % reported for this cell type.


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