Monotonic and fatigue properties of steel material manufactured by wire arc additive manufacturing

Wächter, Michael GND; Leicher, Marcel; Hupka, Moritz; Leistner, Chris; Masendorf, Lukas; Treutler, Kai GND; Kamper, Swenja GND; Esderts, Alfons GND; Wesling, Volker GND; Hartmann, Stefan GND

In this study, the monotonic and cyclic material properties of steel material of medium static strength produced additively in the wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) process were investigated. This investigated material is expected to be particularly applicable to the field of mechanical engineering, for which practical applications of the WAAM process are still pending and for which hardly any characteristic values can be found in the literature so far. The focus of the investigation was, on the one hand, to determine how the material characteristics are influenced by the load direction in relation to the layered structure and, on the other hand, how they are affected by different interlayer temperatures. For this purpose, monotonic tensile tests were carried out at room temperature as well as at elevated temperatures, and the cyclic material properties were determined. In addition, the hardness of the material and the residual stresses induced during production were measured and compared. In addition to the provision of characteristic properties for the investigated material, it was aimed to determine the extent to which the interlayer temperature influences the strength characteristics, since this can have a considerable influence on the production times and, thus, the economic efficiency of the process.



Wächter, Michael / Leicher, Marcel / Hupka, Moritz / et al: Monotonic and fatigue properties of steel material manufactured by wire arc additive manufacturing. 2020.


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