Determination of local stresses and strains within the notch strain approach : efficient implementation of notch root approximations

Burghardt, Ralf; Masendorf, Lukas; Wächter, Michael GND; Esderts, Alfons GND

An estimation of the elastic-plastic stress state using elasticity-theoretical input data is an essential part of the service life estimation with the local strain approach in general and a German guideline based on it, in particular. This guideline uses two different notch root approximations (an extended version of Neuber’s rule and an approach according to Seeger and Beste) for this estimation. Both require the implementation of Newton’s method to be iteratively solved. However, many options are left open to the user concerning implementation in program code. This paper discusses ways in which notch root approximation methods can be implemented efficiently for use in software systems and elaborates an application recommendation. The following aspects and their influence on the computational accuracy and performance of Newton’s method are considered in detail: influence of the formulation of the root finding problem, determination of the derivative required for Newton’s method and influence of the termination criterion. The investigation shows that the advice given in the abovementioned guideline indeed leads to a conservative implementation. By carefully considering the investigated aspects, however, the computational performance can be increased by approximately a factor of 2–3 without influencing the accuracy of the service life estimation.



Burghardt, Ralf / Masendorf, Lukas / Wächter, Michael / et al: Determination of local stresses and strains within the notch strain approach. efficient implementation of notch root approximations. 2021.


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