The current state of research of wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) : a review

Treutler, Kai GND; Wesling, Volker GND

Wire arc additive manufacturing is currently rising as the main focus of research groups around the world. This is directly visible in the huge number of new papers published in recent years concerning a lot of different topics. This review is intended to give a proper summary of the international state of research in the area of wire arc additive manufacturing. The addressed topics in this review include but are not limited to materials (e.g., steels, aluminum, copper and titanium), the processes and methods of WAAM, process surveillance and the path planning and modeling of WAAM. The consolidation of the findings of various authors into a unified picture is a core aspect of this review. Furthermore, it intends to identify areas in which work is missing and how different topics can be synergetically combined. A critical evaluation of the presented research with a focus on commonly known mechanisms in welding research and without a focus on additive manufacturing will complete the review.



Treutler, Kai / Wesling, Volker: The current state of research of wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM). a review. 2021.


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